the twin

In depot terminology, the twin are any group of two who stand side by each when rollands barberolls by. youll know they are the twin when you here "the twin, the broders! you guys not done yet" the twin are usually from the west end, or else they are buddies. the twin are usually dogfuckers too.
Hung-sorefeet and Mr Miyagi from the karate kid are twin

Those two dogfucks uptown, Mcdatscan and fbannat are twin.

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    "all marriage does is legitimize children, and allow serious repurcussions if you beocme divorced. gays shouldn't care if they can marry, because they can still love some if they aren't officially married, and they can't have children."

    i suppose i should inform the numerous gay parents out there (some of which i know personally) that they're not allowed to be parents. and if this is truth, then you should also deprive gay parents from adopting children which is legal. and i suppose you should take away the privelege of marriage licenses to all the atheists. if gay marriages are sacrilegious, then so are married atheists. and you should take away all the marriage licenses of all of the heterosexuals who married with no intent to reproduce for whatever reason (physical, emotional, financial, personal, etc).
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