(v) to tear up the streets or otherwise act as a gangsta homeboy; to continuously roll in and out of various establishments; to roll deep
C Lames: Yo what was you doin' last night?
Sammy V: I was out shreddin shreddin Po-town.
C Lames: Ahhh shit.

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Relevant definitions

  • jiggin

    A term used to describe being on x
  • shreddin

    Rippin it on any board sport
  • rippin' g's

    Going so fast as to break the g-force barrier
  • shred

    To go completely fucking nuts while maintaining a complete disregard for the safety of yourself and those around you, facilitated greatly by the consumption of bourbon, and or other controlled substances.

    see also: hair metal, stripper girl, underage girl, uti, the sunset strip

    alternate form: bloodshred
  • Shreddin'

    Performing at an above average level or with an impressive amount of physical activity. often associated with football.