A guy who stays in the park after dark to take niggas goodie holes. he is around 6'10" he is black and bald. if you cut off his dick it grows back twice as long. if you are in the park and hear a smacking sound run. samson can bench 1000 pounds and squats around 3,459 and can run at 25 miles and hour. don't go through the park after dark or he will take that goodie hole.
Samson widened my goodie hole.

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Relevant definitions

  • blasian

    Being part black and part asian
  • African-American

    Actual definition is: any black person who is a descendant of black american slaves and lives in america. it is often incorrectly used to refer to black people who came to this country of their own free will from africa as well as any other country is the world.

    the second definition is any person who moves to america from africa.
  • blasian

    N. person of mixed race- black and asian
  • Bootyful

    She got dat ass
  • African-American

    Latest politically correct term for a black, negro, colored american with even a minuscule proportion of african descent