ActionIQ | Software Engineers | NYC

6 months (Date: 2018-05-01)

Startup Series B Funding from Andreessen Horowitz ($30M) & Sequoia ($15M)

ActionIQ is an NYC based enterprise startup focused on transforming the traditional database stack and redefining how it is built and used. We focus on leveraging rich behavioral data to provide teams with more powerful actionable insights. This is a super complex and technical problem. It also requires a beautiful and intuitive UI to obscure away the complexity and enable enterprises to fully utilize all the data they have on their customers.

We are a very deep technology company looking for engineers across the stack, including:

- Sr. Frontend Engineer - Fullstack Engineer - Lead Cloud Architect / SRE / DevOps - Forward Deployed Engineer


- Scala, JavaScript, TypeScript, Immutable.js, React, Play Framework, Thrift, AWS and more.


- Team outings - Weekly team lunches - Yearly retreat - Plenty of vacation - Comfortable office

If you're interested in learning more, email or apply online at

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