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  • will.i.am

    A fucking stupid nickname for someone called william
  • shall

    A word which, like whom, has come to be thought of as overly formal and stuffy in american speech. in current use, it indicates a very strong intention or will to do something.

    traditionally, shall is used as an auxilliary to form the future tense for the first person: ("i" and "we")

    i shall go
    you will go
    he/she/it will go
    we shall go
    they will go

    negative: shall not, contracted as shan't.
  • reproduction

    1. when two beings come together to make a smaller, louder, and more annoying being that will eventually grow up to do the same thing -perpetuating a disgusting and neverending cycle of filth.
    2. something ugly people should never find out about.
  • advance

    Promotion or preview copy of an cd,album. mostly all the cd's leaked over the net are advances, which are sometimes incomplete. which is fucking annoying since nobody will get off their ass to rip the retail. buy the cd anyways.
  • Will

    Amazing blue eyes, brown hair, pale skin, glasses. he's the sweetest, kindest, most amazing guy ever.
  • cock-tease

    ..."get him to think that he's going to get laid, so he will spend money on you"....such a sick game !!! dating is not fair guys.
  • holla back girl

    A holla back girl is someone who will allow virtually anyone to give them chili-dogs, cleveland steamers, and hot carls upon request.
  • working out

    The act of lifting metal to damage your muscles so they will grow in bigger size so ladies can eat them.
  • Donald Trump

    Our dumbass president, that will cause world war 3, because of fucking with kim jong un, the crazy-ass north korean leader.
  • cop cleaner

    Also referred to as a bird dog; someone who will flush the cops out of the brush