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  • vajayjay

    A pet name for the vagina, coined by a college student in the bathroom of a panera bread in 2008.
  • vaj-j

    A slang term for a streched out slimy twat.
  • Cooter

    A vagina, duh.
  • pink taco

  • pussy

    1. another name for a kitty cat.

    2. slang for female genitalia.

    3. another way to label a person with unbelievable strength or bravery. a compliment of the highest form. pussies don't break.
  • Chocha

    A womans vagina
    similar words:panocha, pucha y concha.
  • Vagine

    The most pleasent way to say vagina without saying vagina
  • vag

    A word short for vagina
  • Roast Beef

    A really loose girls vagina. when he cunt folds over itself and it's all brown n crusty.
  • coochie

    An oldtimer, southern word for a vagina. popularized in songs such as "hoochie coochie baby" by muddy waters. considered one of the least offensive synonyms.