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  • Browsing

    Browsing or searching the internet usually relates to normal interests, such as school work, tv shows, movies, art, books, or music.
  • one cheek bench sneak

    The easing out of flatulency gently, usually when sitting down, so as not to attract undue attention.
  • Thangs

    Wheels , rims , or the combination thereof that support an autimobile , usually over 20 inches in diameter .
  • Bitters

    English beer that is brewed to be usually %9 alcohol (versus the pussy-ass 3.2 beer of the 'states) and is meant to be served at room temperature. bitters usually has a bitter taste, initially, but as you drink it the lager tends to have a sweet after taste that really grows on you.
  • bling bling

    A piece of jewlery, usually gold or platinum.
  • Nine

    A firearm, usually a semi-automatic pistol, chambered for the 9x19mm parabellum cartridge.
  • Zits

    Plural of the word zit.
    a temporary blemish on the skin, usually caused by dirt and oil. they are filled with pus, and look like ugly bumps.
  • engage

    A word (usually yelled) that supposively can trigger practically any thing to "blast off" in a rocket-like manner.
  • and shit

    Used as an ending to a sentence or statement. used to describe things that usually happen such as watching tv, or masterbating.
  • snuggle

    To make oneself comfortable, usually by moving closer to another person or thing. to embrace closely, as to show affection or offer warmth.