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  • butterface

    A face so ugly it looks like someone smeared butter all over it to hide the ugliness, but it just keeps coming on through...
  • fugly

    The two words fucking and ugly put together
  • minger

    A mix of a ginger and mangohead. the ending result,minger, is very unattractive. people usually do not accept them because of their looks.
  • butt ugly

    Exceedingly ugly. originated by gis in wwii, this term is as fresh as ever.
  • munter

    1) an ugly or grim individual

    2)the art of munting: you and a friend go to the cemetary and dig up a corpse, you put you mouth around the corpses genitals while your friend jumps on its stomach.
  • uggo

    A word used to describe really really ugle people often used describing a person beyond just ugly
  • ugly

    Another word for unnatractive or unapealling... what girls call me.
  • ugly-ass

    Adjective that says that an article of clothing is so hideous that one would not even wear it while committing a double-murder.
  • busted

    A way to describe a very ugly female, who can barely be described as female. a "busted" female is not even considered for mercy sex simply because they are so ugly.
  • D.U.F.F.

    An abbreviation for 'designated ugly fat friend'. often in many large groups of women (usually adolecents) there will be a d.u.f.f. as a means to look better by comparison.