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  • suffix

    Words connected to the ends of others to give them a new or extended meaning.

    the current suffixes follow this definition.
  • grubs

    One who comes to the olive garden only for the free salad and bread sticks and complains so much that they stop the order; when the bill comes for dinner he will wait till theres change and take out more then he put in; is known to order only water cause of the cost; cheap
  • collect

    What one must often do.
    note: "one" never refers to the first party. the user of this verb must be commanding another to do so.
  • corporate tool

    Someone who works for the man.

    a cog in the corporate machine.

    someone whose net worth is slightly above that of office machine.

    an employee known more readily to the corporate decision-makers by his or her employee number rather than by name.

    a college-educated employee who makes the same wages as that gum-chewing, fingernail-painting, web-surfing, ged-holding front-desk worker downstairs.

    someone whose job task involves suppressing any creative or thoughtful contribution and merely inputting the data required by the man and outputting the results they expect.

    see also whipping boy
  • online

    When you are hooked up to the soul-destroying electronic mainframe that encompasses the world and subliminally instructed to consume as much capitalist produce as possible before you take your last breath.
  • momos

    Reffering to the product name of momo.
    reffering to the wheels on a vehicle
    that are made by the company momo.
  • switches

    Pertaining to the activation of custom hydraulic suspensions, usually in 63 cadillacs.
  • bowels

    Lower bowel. always referred to in the plural and also pertaining to the body action of having shit
  • Traitor

    A stormtrooper who isn't loyal to the first order. example: fn-2187
  • ability

    The quality of being able to do something. attach it to the end of any verb to make up new words!