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  • second

    The amout of time it takes an stc to eat gregs out of business.
  • 420

    The best time of the day nof said
  • New York Minute

    1. an undefined amoutnt of time. could be much longer or shorter than a minute because of the dynamics of city life.

    2. timed difficulty mode of max payne
  • Stepdad Bod

    A guy who allowed the passing of time to ravage his once great physique but eventually decided to lay off the beers and do a little bit of lifting to attract cougars like your mom.
  • Time

    After some deep contemplation, i reduced down to the minimal number of 5 elements, needed to construct a concept of time, that as concepts all need to be incorporated in the final definition for time. so basically i deducted the concept we know as time to 5 elements that are needed for its existence minimally:

    1. human observer (own set of needs for existence) > 2. visible light (own set of needs for existence) > 3. two objects with mass (or 1 object and a fore/back ground to compare against, with enough density that we can see and track) > 4. movement (not too fast, not too slow) > 5. distance (distance needs space).

    what follows is my personal, final definition for time, but organized and worded a little nicer:

    time: a sequence of constant, additive, duration's agreed upon, to separate moments, based on the perceived movement of a visible body with mass, over a set distance in space, that signifies a rate of change that individual humans experience, and is thus relative.
  • when

    1. conditional, based upon time, event, or circumstances.

    2. slang, specific to junk mail advertising lotteries and sweepstakes to persuade as many duh-weebs as possible who haven't even entered a sweepstakes that they have already won: "if".
  • opooportunity

    When one who has to defecate has an opportunity to relieve themselves after waiting for a period of time.
  • rectangle time

    The time of day when people in an obviously social setting instead choose to pull out their smart phones and have some time alone with their "rectangle". the term can also apply to other electronics, such as computers, ipads, etc.
  • ashy dick

    A penis that endures no sexual intercourse for a long period of time (it does not get wet)
  • Irish handcuffs

    When a person is carrying an alcoholic beverage in both hands at the same time.