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  • shorter

    1.affectionate term for a boyfriend, attractive male.

    originated from the crackhead.
  • Latin america

    Term used to describe countries in north, south and central americas where spanish, portuguese and french are spoken as official languages. (nb: don't mix up the terms "latin countries" with "underdevelopment countries", which are completely different in meaning.)
  • jollies

    Street term for popular clubdrug ecstacy
  • Pains

    (the)pains is a term that describes a person experiencing explosive diarrhea. usually very painfull and quite often. occurs mostly after eating spicy food.
  • the days

    A term used to describe a long period of time.
  • Shoppings

    The product amassed from a day out at the shops. a term discovered at fifth avenue and 56th street on a recent summer day amid of gaggle of tourists.
  • technologies

    First coined by young ingenue judy alexander, "technologies" is a term for any kind of awkward social interactions/dynamics. it can be used as either an adjective or a noun.
  • Hairies

    Term used to get people to say the word "huh". invented in 2001 at nova high school, the hairies has seen a rejuvination at the university of florida.
  • pinks

    Street term used to describe the deed of a vehicle. after a street race, loser hands out the "pinks" of his car to the winner. with the "pinks", the winner is the outright owner of that car and can sell it for parts or add it to his stable.
  • the cities

    A term used by minnesotans to refer to the general area of st.paul, minneapolis, and their surrounding areas because we are too lazy to be specific. it's origin is in the phrase "twin cities" which refers to the fact minneapolis and st.paul are so similar in size and closely located.