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  • sweetness

    1. to be very sweet

    2. something is very sweet in taste or in awesomeness
  • Sweet As

    Used in new zealand to indicate the acceptance of of a given situation.
  • Nices

    (ni•ces) when something is so nice, pretty, or sweet the word "nice" just isn't enough to describe it.

    invented and coined by one of jet fresh flowers' top sales reps, edwin "the dr." commonly used to describe the fresh-cut flowers available at jet fresh flowers.
  • dank

    A word similar to 'sweet, shibby, cool, hot, amazing, etc etc...'

    often used with the word 'mad' in front of it.
  • Caleb

    A very sweet and handsome guy but who is also very shy. who is extremely good at mostly anything he does and won't admit it. they need help to open up to people and are only open to people they are close to. caleb's are very sweet and just a hug from them will make your day 1000 times better. they will always be by your side and there to cheer you up when you need
  • cute

    Someone really sweet and kind and all you can do is smile when you look at them. their just so great and cute to be around.
  • Caroline

    She is the sweetest most caring girl in the entire world. also, not only is she super amazing and smart, she is fun and outgoing. every boy wants to date her and alot of girls are jealous of her. if you wanted a name to describe perfection, just use the name caroline!
  • Jesse

    A super amazing guy. he's sweet, funny, caring, cute/hot, lovable, playful, and a bit of a trouble-maker. he has pretty eyes, he loves anime and music, and he says some of the sweetest things in the world. he's unique. he always knows how to make you smile or laugh, and can definitely cheer you up when your down. he's very trust-worthy, and you can tell him anything. yes, he's some-what perverted and says perverted things sometimes, but only says it to make people laugh. alot of girls like him, but he's not the type of guy that goes and dates every girl he can get. you should feel special if you get close to him, because he doesn't let many people get that close to him. jesse is just awesome. <3
  • Joshua

    There really are no words to describe a joshua. they have an amazing personality and they definitely know how to charm a girl. joshua will always be there for no matter what...he is so caring and soooooooo sweet! oh! how could i forget to mention how attractive they are=) overall on a scale of 1 to 10 joshua definitely broke the scale!
  • Ryan

    One of the most common guy names, but usually a great guy. optimistic, athletic, and sweet. also, very hot.