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  • stoopid

    Stupid to the extent that you can't even spell the word itself.
  • Ignoranus

    A person who is ignorant as well as an asshole.
  • dumbass

    1)someone who constantly doesn't listen to his family/friends dispite them being right 100% of the time

    2)anyone who gets dumped 3 times a week by 3 different dates every single week

    3)a person who lies about having 4.0 avg in high school yet still works a barely above minimum wage job at a retail store

    4) see craig
  • Ignorant

    A word stupid people use because they think it's a synonym for "stupid". it really means "lack of knowledge", while stupid means "lacking mental capability". but it has 3 syllables, and other stupid people don't really know what ignorant means, so you'll commonly see this word being slung around in arguments between morons.
  • Stupidity

    Lacking sense in any sense of the word.
  • Urban Dictionary

    A website were people with no life can post any stupid word off the top of there thick skulls. for crying out loud even donald trump can can barge in here and add rapist then add the definition as mexican. btw people are retarded now a days.
  • Stupid Shit

    One who has currently done or said something stupid and/or retarded.
  • asinine

    A word some people use to try and sound mature.
  • Retarded

    George w. bush.

    killing nearly half of the us in the war and basically screwing up the whole country, he is the definition of retarded.
  • moronic

    As stupid as stupid can be. hybrid moron cross idiot.