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  • orgasmic

    Something that makes you feel as good or better than when you have an orgasm...xd
  • tragic

    I think it means like something unfortunate that evokes negative emotion
  • stare

    Something that guys do a lot. can be done if they see someone really hot, or if they see someone fugly and want to laugh at them. at first it's kinda annoying, but then you get used to it. people who stare too much should get their eyes poked out.
  • Pleasurable

    The act of doing something or getting something that gives you pleasure.
  • comical

    (adj) something slightly laughable; amusing.

    commonly used in describing something which provokes amusement/entertainment in a very unamused, occasionally sarcastic, manner.
  • remember

    Something i cant do
  • World Domination

    Something america knows how to do best.
  • fiction

    Something that is not true. a lie.
  • honor

    Something this country needs more of.
  • something

    A 'something' is an event such as a fight, an accident, a fire, etc. in which other peoples attention is wanted to mock said event.

    an event must be substantial compared to its surroundings to call something on it