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  • amazin

    Slang for amazing.....
  • urban dictionary

    A site that was originally intended to be a dictionary for slang words, but has apparently gone "downhill" because now its a place for everyone to display their opinions, stupid or not.

    the site is now intended for people to complain about how stupid and preachy everyone is on the site while at the same time they are preaching... about how stupid and preachy and everyone on the site is.
  • Slang

    Slang is an abbreviation of the word street-language, taking the "s" from the word street and "lang" from the word language. the word "slang" itself is thus a prime example of slang, because it's how people on the street refer to "street-language" without pronouncing the entirety of the word. slang is used to abbreviate and facilitate the pronounciation of formal words and can be used as a lingo which seperates them from people not knowing (a particular) slang.
  • h4(x0r

    N 1. slang term for 'hacker'
  • Colloquialism

    The vernacular.
  • Weapon

    The hebrew slang word for 'dick' (zain, also the hebrew z). used in the sexual meaning (to weapon - having sex relationship) but also as a complete biting refusal word.
  • yayo

    If anyone here knows espanol this slang term for coke is spelled llello, duh...
  • ebonics

    A type of slang mostly used by your typical "thuged-out" niggas
  • Gladimir Putin

    1. when vladimir putin smiles in a meme-worthy manner. (name)

    2. feeling glad or smug. (slang)

    antonym: sadimir putin
  • screws

    A disrespectful slang term used by prisoners to describe prison officers.