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  • Shat

    Shit in past-tense
  • shite

    One's way to say "shit" in a non bad way
  • shart

    A cross between a fart and a shit; where u've intended to fart but u shit in your pants instead.
  • Shiz

    When you need to say shit but cant
  • Shitload

    Noun. one shitload = 3.5 metric tons
  • Shituation

    Crappy circumstances
  • shitstorm

    A kickass song by strapping young lad. very awesome to headbang to. a shitstorm is also precipitation of no other thing than shit. which would seriously suck for 2 reasons... cleanup, and the stench
  • Shit Stain

    The name of a fraternity member who gets so drunk they shit on the couch
  • shiznit

    Synonym of shit. often used by persons who easily take offense to vulgar language.
  • dingleberry

    A pile of shit hanging off you ass hair that will never, ever, ever, ever come off!!!!!! ever!!!!!