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  • smexy

    Smexy was actually originally a typo.
    some kids were in user chat room called "skate chat" on yahoo back in 2005 when one went to compliment another and accidently put the letter m after s in sexy. everyone laughed about it, but the week after everyone was using it.

    this is pretty much how the conversation went:
    "omg you are so smexy..sexy*"
    "hahahaha smexy?"
    "yea ^^: i accidently put an m in there.."
    "i like it! im smexy!"
  • Sexy Beast

    Chuck norris. the ultimate sexy beast
  • Hott

    I. one who is:

    a. gorgeous
    b. pretty
    c. beautiful
    d. cute
    e. attractive
    f. sexy
    g. all that

    ii. one who you would:

    a. lick
    b. suck/ blow
    c. nibble
    d. flirt with
    e. have sexual relations with *fuck especially*
    f. want to get with

    iii. one who makes you:

    a. flip
    b. crazy
    c. nutty
    d. pass out
    e. drool
    f. fantasize
    g. (if girl) wet
    h. (if guy) hard
    i. masturbate

    *lana's definition i think << hott ass unis chica!
  • Dime Piece

    “dime piece”
    a top of the line woman covering every attractive feature and characteristic: i.e. spiritual, emotional and physical beauty; intelligence and charisma, with good humor and wit.
  • Fit

    1. word in england used to describe someone as being hot , sexy etc

    2. what? , slang term for what
  • Dancers

    Sexy girls who dance around in there tight costumes. tigh asses and nice bodys! everyone would like to get with a sexy dancer
  • yummy

    Erwin tejos! very sexy, sweet, kissble, lickable man.
  • the sex

    1. someone who is insanely sexy
    2. the shit times 1 000 000
  • Sage

    (n) the best herb money can buy
  • hailey

    Sexiest broad ever to grace the streets of the south.

    i'd hit it, 2 times.