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  • PYT

    Pretty young thing
  • pretty hot

    Better than "pretty" but not quite "hot".

    also pretty-hot.
  • 2 people

    A pretty boring dance song, hailed by some as the defining musical moment of the 21st century
  • Pretty

    Beautiful, gorgeous, dressed nice, clean, neat
  • pretty boy

    A very handsome young adult, usually gets everything handed to him . doesn't get into fights but would just get up and walk away, he cares about his appearance and what other people may think. although he may appear gay to some he is a straight heterosexual male.
  • beautiful

    A person that's kind and caring, someone with good looks, a nice personality, and someone that isn't like the others. when everyone is going right, they're the only person that's going left.
  • Kellis


    really good looking.

    synonyms: attractive, hot, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous
    antonyms: ugly, unattractive

    an extremely attractive person.
  • Kayleigh

    The most ratchetiest of ratchets who ever ratcheted. she is so ratchet you wont be able to handle her ratchetness. she is extremely ratchet.
  • Hanna

    Perfection! hanna without an h is usually from scandinavia. she is really pretty, nice, smart. everything a guy wants to be with, and everything a girl wants to be. she is simply perfecton.
  • Beauty

    Something that most girls don't think they have, so they feel bad about themselves.