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  • xanga

    Place where people who tipe lyke diss put their lives on the internet. example: 2day im madd tyred yo.they hope that by learning that they are tired, you will assume that they went out and do have lives. and not just asians "blog" there. theres all kinds of losers.
  • Sheeple

    People unable to think for themselves. followers. lemmings. those with no cognitive ablilities of their own.
  • threesome

    Three people engaged in sex acts at the same time; two of the three are of the same gender
  • To clown car it

    When more people than there are seatbelts are shoved into a car. when people have to sit on the floor or on each other.
  • Hot Topic

    A store with a dark/alternative theme aimed at teenagers. found in most local malls. they sell t-shirts, stickers, buttons, jewelry, and some other stuff.

    99% of people are faggots about it, and like to assume that only wannabe emo/scene/goth/punk kids shop there. it's become a catch-all phrase to mean "poseur".

    in reality, nobody ever walks into that store and sees nothing but clowns trying really hard to be emo/scene/goth/punk, but just normal people.

    half the people who make a big deal about hot topic being a poseur store have bought stuff from them in the past anyway, and a lot are probably poseur emo/scene/goth/punk kids trying really hard to convince everyone else they're for real.

    in short, hot topic is just a store that sells some pretty neat stuff, and everybody who whines about it being for poseurs is a kneejerking dumbass. oh, but happy bunny is really retarded and unfunny, fuck that shit.
  • gay marriage

    A matrimonial union between two people of the same sex. not a mockery of marriage because it implies a loving relationship between — and listen to these words closely — two. consenting. adults. if you honestly think that the next step is going to be bigamy, beastiality, or pedophilia, then you're really off your rocker because none of these things involve all three of those three words. maybe you can make a case for incest, but that's more often practiced in the bible belt between straight people, anyway.
  • Downtight

    You wouldn't hear a downtight person complaining about having nothing to show for a vacation, or spending a day around the house. downtight people who complain about having nothing to show for their vacation or lifestyle are posing as downtight people.
  • Inside joke

    A joke with your best friend that you can laugh about for ages. other people never get it when you explain it to them.
  • L337

    1337 is a language used dy people who are wanabes most people who think there 1337 are in fact not
  • LiveJournal

    - once a popular on-line blogging/journaling site, where one could find interesting and stimulating conversation with people from all over the world. now, everyone and their mother's dog has a livejournal, and most of them only use their accounts to post ignorant-ass bullshit, surveys, meme results, quizzes, annoying rants, inside jokes, and cryptic shit only they, and the 5 people on their friend's list understand.

    - a place where you can play 'electronic wargames' with people you're too chickenshit to face in person. also known as 'hiding behind teh interweb'. on livejournal, you can 'unfriend' someone, which lets them know just how much you hate them, and want them to die.

    - home of all together too much fucking drama.

    - home of all together too many fucking trolls.

    troll, drama, lj, unfriend, blog, chickenshit.