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  • peen

  • shlong

    One of the many nicknames for one's penis
  • Schlong

    Word to describe an extremely large penis. originated when a girl saw mine and said "holy shit that's long!!!" then was just crammed all together to form schlong.
  • wang

    Penis, dick, cock, etc.
  • Micropenis

    An actual deficiancy in which a man has an abnormally small penis. also called microphallus.
  • Dick

    Dick is a slang term for a mans penis. some people are offended by this term.
  • weenis

    The loose skin on one's elbow. for some reason the weenis doesn't feel any pain.
  • Phallus

    (greek for phallos)

    1. latin term for erect penis
    2. descibe someone to have penis like qualities
    3. clitorus of the female
  • johnson

    A word to describe a little penis
  • dork

    A meat substitute.