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  • Party Pooper

    Someone who ruins a party by getting totally wasted and shits on the floor, the couch, his friend's polo, the wall, and many other places. as well as shitting all over the place, a party pooper can sometimes also throw up underneath a dog bowl, piss on the kitchen floor, or on someone's shoes. the party pooper usually awakens the next morning covered in his own shit, vomit, and piss. the party pooper flees the party house in a state of confusion, leaving his disgruntled friends to clean up his disgusting mess.
  • Party Foul

    A moment during a social gathering when one does something embarrassing and/or stupid.
  • Party Promise

    Party promises are those "plans" you make at the end of social gatherings where one, if not both, promisers never actually intend on following through.
  • Rager

    Usually a party filled with college students (and high schools throw some pretty cool rangers too) where everyone there calls everyone they know to come party the house. eventually theres like more than 100 people, the house gets trashed, and the cops come. can sometimes last from friday thru sunday!
  • Rave

    N. an underground party featuring a distinctive style of music, dress, dance and visual effects in combination with open sexual behaviour and psychedelic chemicals such as ecstacy.
  • sausage party

    A party in which the penises outnumber the bearded clams.
  • kegger

    A party at which a keg of beer is present.
  • post-party depression

    The low you hit after a great party
  • gathering

    A get-together called a 'gathering' instead of a party, just in case people don't turn up and it turns out to be.. well.. pretty dull.
  • mustangs

    Leftover beer from a party that reappears at another function. usually the least desirable and never more than one of each brand/type.