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  • Directioner

    Someone who stands by the band one direction no matter what. who would be there to support the boys 100%. whether it's acting, singing, dancing, anything... they'll be there for it all. even when the band grows up and goes on with their lives, these girls that call themselves "directioners" will never forget the happiness and the joy that harry styles, niall horan, liam payne, louis tomlinson, and zayn malik brought to them for so many years!
  • Harry Styles

    The tetra-titted tosser from a group of five idiots known as one direction. some call him harry or hazza, but i call him my nipple fairy. he is a sex god, your argument is invalid. he holds the holy v. you should also know, he is a granny grabber, so hide yo mums and grans. pussy master styles is out on the prowl. meow.
  • louis tomlinson

    The one who is always munching carrots while wearing either nerd glasses or kiss-print underwear. the one who can always crack a joke and who shouts things really loudly all the time!!!!! the one who says he has received many carrots and who is hoping to get a lamborghini. the one who doesn't get very many solos but yet has the best voice. the one who sings about "the showers that are british" and who thinks he's superman. this is louis tomlinson.
  • Liam Payne

    One fifth of british-irish boy band one direction. he auditioned for the uk show 'x factor' twice, the second time around (2010) being placed in a group with four other guys, becoming one direction and coming in third place. known as "daddy direction", he is a puppy who hates spoons, loves turtles and woody from toy story and usually sings the opening verses in all their songs. oh, and he has changed his hairstyle so often that his head is now formerly recognized as a measurement of time.
  • Zayn Malik

    The boy that left one direction for a fat greasy burrito
  • Niall Horan

    The most thoughtful, sweetest, cutest, nicest guy you will ever come upon. he has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. he's and irish boy who is the best. he doesn't get a lot of attention while being in the band one direction and that may sometimes put him down. but he should know that he has millions of fans cheering for him, and that they would do about anything for him & he totally deserves more time and solos in 1d's songs. and we just love him for him. you can just watch any of his videos & you would be laughing because of his cute humor. he's super smart and is a one of a kind niall. he's different than all of the guys out there because he is original and will always be. everything about him is perfect and you can never go wrong with him. and a lot of hates has been sent to him, but your fans will always be here for you. i love you niall james horan. <3
  • Zayn

    To leave; to be on your way
  • Directioners

    Directioners are fangirls who are totally obsessed with the uk boyband one direction who leak a whole album(not just songs), hacks security in the boy's hotels and shops. they fight with other fandoms and hate on celebrities like taylor swift and the wanted. they give new directioners fake information about them and they give intelligent comebacks at people who insult the boys. they burn people if necessary and suspend verified accounts. they stay in their rooms the whole day to fangirl over them and blog about them but only come out to eat food. directioners call people 'carrots' when they pronounce louis's name as 'lewis', when they get hold of the wrong information about the boys, tell them about the mushroom joke and say 'extraordinharry', 'amazayn', 'phenomeniall', 'fabulouis' or 'brilliam'. they are the meanest fandom who make fun of other fandoms. celebrities also admit that they are crazy. they even found the boy's exact times and hospitals they were born. they even stole liam's boxers and they found their penis sizes. they are the only fandom that can laugh like crazy, cry and look #done within 4 seconds.elounor and larry shippers fight with each other all the time. yeah we're the worst!!
  • One Direction

    A stupid boyband within the ranks of justin bieber and the jonas brothers.
    this group of 19ish year old guys (harry,liam,zayn,louis,niall) make stupid music that can give you ear cancer.
    however, contrary to j. bieber, a very few number of their songs are alright.
    mostly fangirled over by 8-10 who spend too much time on the internet.
    see also directioners
  • carrots

    Fans of one direction who are too naive and take everything that they boys jokes about literally
    they dwell on the comments of youtube videos, twitter and occasionally the awful tumblr blog