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  • Noice

    The step above nice
  • nice.

    Used as a statement revealing un-enthusiasm or sarcasm when talking over the internet. deliberately de-capitalized, whether at the beginning of a sentence or not, to show the extent of un-enthusiasm or sarcasm trying to be conveyed.
  • Brianna

    A girl who is nice, talented, pretty, book-smart, and street-smart. she can sometimes be a handful, but otherwise she is a great person. she is always there for her friends and family.
  • Sweet

    This is a term used by women to describe men that they find unappealing or unattractive, but are too nice to say it outright. it is most commonly used when they are explaining to one of these unappealing men that they do not want to go out with them.
  • Dancers

    Sexy girls who dance around in there tight costumes. tigh asses and nice bodys! everyone would like to get with a sexy dancer
  • (prime)

    Something real nice.
  • nicest

    Nicest is like the best and most "nice" thing or person you can get. if someone is the nicest, they are the most kind and loving person in the world. if something is the nicest, it is the best and the most satisfactory thing you can find. its a very simple term that can mean a whole lot.
  • bad mood

    Got my hood up
  • hot as hell

    Extrenely nice, sweet
  • butterface

    Nice body, nasty face!