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  • scrilla

    Money or type of legal tender
  • skrilla

    Money, esp. u.s. paper currency
  • cashmoney

    Sex god who believes hes gangsta some times but really isnt at all. also, one who tends to throw around money just to have friends.
  • M.O.B.

    Money over bitches
  • moo-lah

    Money is wut it is
  • gouda

    Money, cheese, scrilla, you know that paper, green
  • Monies

    Monies, plural to the word "money" despite the fact that the word "money" is already plural.
  • gwap

    Anything money drugs sex
  • guap

    Commonly used to refer to 'a lot' of money for kids these days. for those growing up in the 80's and 90's, it appears to be a derivative of 'grip'. damn kids, get off my lawn!
  • dosh