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  • Chronic

    Noun: marijuana of very high quality.

    adjective: amazing, really good, etc.

    definitely does _not_ mean pot with coke, as someone said before here.

    i have heard that the word "chronic" meaning marijuana comes directly from the dr. dre album by that name, and this may be true.

    however doctors also prescribe marijuana for "chronic pain," and people with chronic weed readily available to them often do become what experts call chronic (or habitual) users. so those could also be possible sources.
  • mary jane

    Nickname for marijuana; many singers use this in their songs
  • 420

    420 is code used by police that means posession of marijuana, you're all fucking idiots acting like you know when you don't
  • reefer

    1. another word for marijuana
    2. refridgerated trailer
    3. refridgerated train car
  • ganja

    Another word for marijuana, pot, cannabis, weed, etc.

    something to smoke that makes me smile.
  • Cheeba

  • cannabis

    Another name for marijuana.
  • ounce

    An ounce of marijuana is 28 grams.
    down here (australia) that costs $250-$290aud. a while ago that would have been $150us, but now our dollar has appreciated against the struggling greenback.
  • buddah

    daa remedy to life ;)
  • red hairs

    The small orange hairs found on nugs of marijuana usually only found on the dank bud