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  • moobs

    Man + boobs = moobs

    when a guy (most of the time cuz he's fat) get's what looks like boobs in his chest
  • Man Crush

    When a guy loves another guy dearly, not queerly
  • man

    A man is someone who frequently doesn't phone or send an email when they say they will. this definition excludes: good husbands, brothers and fathers.
  • Men

    Apparently, the better sex.

    it's 2009, we really don't need to think we're all so great.

    on behalf of all the idiots that call themseves men on this site, ladies, belive me, we are not all like that. some of us are actually not sexist testosterone filled nut jobs.

    if you ever get married, try and avoid those types.
  • Man Chair

    A sexual position that involves a man sitting down with the woman sitting on his lap as if she was sitting on a chair.
  • manly

    Manly - to neglect yourself, self-neglect
  • Mantrum

    Derived from the english words "man" and "tantrum" mantrum is the level of tantrum that a man has when his wife or partner organizes a social event that coincides with a major sporting event.
  • bloke

    Bloke is a word us aussies use to describe the typical aussie male. he loves footy, beer, bbq's, his family, australia etc... steve irwin is a typical aussie bloke.
  • man child

    A man with the character of a young child. also could be a juvenile who is too young to be old, but too old to be young. an old soul trapped in the body of an adolescent. a man who is too old for babysitting, but desperately needs it.

    plural: manchildren
  • sexy man

    1. a very attractive man
    2. a man with large genitals
    3. one who is excellent in bed