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  • eunuch

    1) a male whose balls have been removed, either for government service (such as in ancient africa and rome) or, if the castration takes place before puburty, to prevent the voice from breaking (italian opera's male sopranos of the 17th thru 19th centuries). in the present day, this sort of eunuch may result from testicular cancer.

    2) a male whose entire genitalia is removed. done as punishment in ancient rome, and to qualify for royal government service in china as recently as the 20th century. also, the hijdra, a caste of indian transexuals, practice this complete castration.

    3) though rarely applied in this context, may also be a male with a single testicle amputated. a modern example would be tom green, who broadcast the operation on mtv and then went on to bang drew barrymore.

    not to be confused with unix, a computer operating system believed to be superior to more mainstream options like windows and mac.
  • groom

    Male principal in a wedding ceremony.
  • Money shot

    Male ejaculation in pornographic film demonstrating orgasm.
  • Handcestors

    Handcestors, all the ancestors never born who could have been one's parents/uncles/great-grand-aunts etc. but couldn't due to male masturbation.
  • nether regions

    The area between a person's(male and female) legs; the crotch, the groin, the area where reproduction and the removal of bodily wastes occurs.
  • Bladders

    The lowest form of male that inhabits the earth. doesn't know the difference between a great woman and a horses arse. lives for golf and is probably a closet gay.
  • poofter

    A male pillow biter.
  • hermaphrodite

    A person, such as myself, who has both male and female genitals and secondary sex characteristics.
  • female

    1)n.- the opposite of male in any species on earth, usually the reproductive member of the species, except in seahorses, coming in a variety of classes from cherished partner to ankle.

    2)n.- the only match to the male human that constitutes a heterosexual relationship,
  • brother

    A sibling of the male sex that drives the rest of your family insane by painting the walls with nailpolish or lipstick.

    other things they are known for :

    *pouring baby powder all over the room and forcing you to clean it up

    *blaming you for things that you did not do and getting you in trouble

    *ganging up on you and jumping on you

    *trying to sufficate you dog

    -tend to be very evil