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  • cloud plans

    When you and someone else make arrangements to hang out but the plans we're not officially made, therefore they can diminish like a cloud in the sky.
  • Romeos

    The tradional footwear of tenino, wa. made of a cows @$$, an old tire, and some jb weld. commonly seen on rednecks, hillbillies and general country folk. usually in a package deal of copenhagen, pbr, rebel flags, and a pick up truck.
  • Emoticons

    Faces made to express emotions using simple keyboard keys. you azian, you aol, and you'll see deez alot. you're lucky i don't give a shit, but i'm sure you all are gonna bite off on these...
  • Wider

    A drink made from a mixture of wine & cider, usually rose wine: zinfandel, moscato or grenache mixed with a fruit cider: strawberry & lime, mixed fruit kopparberg.

    being someone who doesn't really like the taste of alcohol but has to drink a lot to get 'drunk' this is a perfect way to up a kopparbergs alcohol % without it tasting disgusting!
  • counties

    Fake money
    made in regular printer
    traceable to marker
    not good when wet
  • bitchmade

    Made in the likeness of a bitch; to act like a bitch ; cowardly.
  • wages

    A butchering of the original word "wages" (way'-jez). often made by latin students who believe all g's shouldn't not be pronounced like j's.
  • Janet Jackson

    Fine-ass woman who showed her titty at the superbowl. made the halftime show not suck as it usually does, and also made up for the fact that the panthers lost. pissed off alot of annoying, pissy conservatives.
  • drunk dial

    To make a regrettable late night phone call after drinking heavily. these calls are often made by guys to ex-girlfriends or someone they want to date. the result is often embarassment and self-loathing for being a)overly emotional, b)incoherent, or c)creepy
  • charms

    Items in the '80s that were made of plastic and had little silver bells on them. they were minitures of everyday items such as baby bottles, bicycle, hammers, helmets, etc. girls would wear them on a plastic charm belt (like chain links) and make jingle noises.