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  • Love

    Love can be amazing or horrible. when she says she doesnt love you but you love her anyway. when you talk about her so much your friends get annoyed. when you ask her out and she stops talking to you but you still want her. if you cant call her baby, and tell her you love her you'll go insane. when she wants to hangout you'll walk out right in the middle of friends. when your at a party and alot of girls are dtf and you dont even care. you just sit theyre getting drunk thinking about how shes not yours. its amazing in someways, but its one of the few things that can tear anyone to pieces. i love you jay<3
  • love sick

    1.) when you've been in past relationships and things have gone right or wrong but possibly have turned bad after a while and you turn out missing that significant other and wish you were back with them.

    2.) liking someone so much that just being in their presense for just a few minutes is satisfying enough to the senses.
  • Lurve

    A word you use when you love your hunhun very much that you have to use a different word

    variation - lurbe
  • True Love

    A mutual, unmistakable and unconditional selfless devotion of mind, heart and body for a significant other regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion etc. having no doubt that the person you've chosen or are thinking of choosing, will always be there for you, as you are for them regardless of who, what and how you are, through thick and thin and without a second thought. even after a long time or distance apart, even after many hurtful breakups and countless arguments, true love can still endure as long as it is quickly revived, recognized and reinforced. true love coincides with pain and struggles, natural human weakness. humans are imperfect and so is true love. one must embrace and accept pain and its imperfections if they are to survive true love in life. if one does not experience pain, they are not in real love, only an illusion of it. true love is trying to find out what to write as a definition of "true love" for urban dictionary.com while thinking of your significant other as an example. it is stumbling on your own words as you speak and having writers block as you write. true love is honestly loving yourself first before unconditionally loving someone else.. if you don't love yourself, you will never truly love someone else. true love can not be taught by those around you, you can only try to discover it for yourself and if you are fortunate enough to find it, hold on to it as long as you can, for it may be your life's eternal salvation or your ultimate demise.
  • valentine's day

    1 out of 365 days of the year to celebrate for your loved-ones. this is not to make people feel depressed if they don't have a lover, but it's a day to celebrate the joy of love.
  • soulmate

    The person who was put in this world with the ability to love you like you were made to be loved.

    they may not always agree with you, you may not share all the same interest, and you may also never get to meet them, or meet then but not spend your lives together; but they are the only one you will ever completely give your heart too. the only person you would allow to consciously hurt you/break your heart- because in the end there will always be pure love.
  • Unrequited Love

    The suckiest feeling in the world. you love them and they couldn't care less about you.
  • in love

    To care about someone so much that your happiness doesn't matter anymore - just theirs. there's nothing you won't do for them, you just want them to be happy. they fill you with wonder, you are completely amazed by them. and when you are in love with someone, you'll even let them be with someone else if they can be happier without you. its a feeling that runs so deep it conquers everything. you're not afraid of anything. all you want is them, and their happiness. they are your number one priority, over yourself and everything you know.
    they are your world. and you can only wish to be theirs.
  • I love you

    If spoken by a woman: "i love the way i feel when you're paying attention to me."

    if spoken by a man: "let's have sex."
  • ily

    Ily stands for 'i love you'. it can be used in texting or on the internet. people can say it to friends or other people close to them x