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  • lil

    The incorrect version of "little",used by morons who have the approximate education level of a fly.
  • numbs

    Irritating little martian.
  • Littles

    People who are totally awesome in everything they do. there are only two of them in the whole world (plus one dog) little, little, and little. can be cut down to "lil" or "lit" in rushed conversation.
  • Nickys

    Little no-mark backstreet manchester sandwich emporium where out-of-work wannabe models make up blt's for £3.60 per annum. second only in crap-jobs to mcdonalds
  • little bitch

    A whiny italian male concerned with hygiene and otherwise female-exclusive activities. he is a bit clingy and is a little bitch.
    most likely named leonardo.
    this italian male tends to whine, complain, and act just like a clingy girlfriend.
    it's okay though, because once you have a little bitch, he is your little bitch.
    mostly found in italy or france.
  • Willnots

    A little peice of poop in your ass that willnot came out, despite how hard u push.
  • yummies

    These little cloverlike plants that taste sour.
  • Flip

    The shortened & rearranged term for filipino.

    flip - "funny (or fucking) little (or looking) island people".

    our ancestors were named flips from the americans as in insult. just like how they called the african american's niggers. remember when the whites were seperated from the blacks? it happened to the filipinos too. they even tried banning the filipino's from migrating to the us.
  • Soccer mom

    A usually white, middle-classed woman. she drives an suv. her kids are her "little angels" and are more important than anything or anyone else in the world and deserve to play game demos or do anything else more than everyone. she doesn't let her "little angels" watch tv with "naughty words" such as crap, pussywillow, and pants. her kids aren't allowed to go on the internet because it's all about sex, raping little children, buying useless crap, and getting scammed. she strictly enforces the esrb ratings systems; by that i mean makes up her own: ec = 10 and under, e = 11 and up, t and above = "not in my house" (movies: pg and under = only movies you can see). anything that doesn't say they're christian is automatically satanic; this includes 99.998% of music. her children participate in as many after-school activities as possible and are usually at day camp during the summer.

    soccer moms are usually seen screaming at people, getting into car accidents, and breaking copies of grand theft auto: vice city and refusing to pay for them.
  • Little

    A little who is most likely short, little's also like to be dominated. they act younger than they really are.