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  • meaning of life

    1-nothing, there is no meaning of life. we are here by accident
    2-to worship god. we are here to worship a potentially nonexistent being created most likely by man over 5000 years ago
    3-42, at least according the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy
    4-to achieve greater and greater things until we are at a state of perfect equilibrium where nothing can be done to improve anything and nithing can be done to hurt it.
    5-to die. each individual human's ultimate destiny is to die.
    6-to love/do good. to make someone else's life better or easier.
    7-we can't know, there's just no way of knowing
  • bitches gotta eat

    A reply that sums up the serendipity & continuation of every day life; similar to: "that's the way the cookie crumbles" & "that's just the way things are".
  • life

    Life is a disease, because the final outcome is death.
  • Love

    Love is a mysterious thing. it can fill your world with color and happiness. it can turn you into a bubbling ball of sunshine. but it can also turn you into a broken monster. it could paint your world black and white. you may lose hope at some points. love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. not many people can truly and purely understand it without becoming a victim of this force. love can do anything.
  • The meaning of life

    The meaning of life is a subjective question perhaps. the answer may vary from person to person to aardvark to flower.
    how you live your life as a sentient being is perhaps more relevant than what purpose does life itself serve.

    there are few guarantees in life and to assume that any answer to any question is correct is arrogant folly.
    “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” – socrates

    however everyone is entitled to an opinion. here is mine…
  • FML

    Short for fuck my life, originating from superbad.

    also, a popular website where people can come together and feel sorry for themselves.
  • O.O.S

    Order of the sloth.

    a group founded in approximately 2002 which is dedicated to slowing down and enjoying life in the slow lane. their motto is that work is you vsp or vacation sponsership program and that life is about enjoying not collecting things.
  • suicide

    1. the act of taking one's own life.

    2. a fun game which is played on a handball court. a group of people are further away from the wall, behind the person with the ball. the person in front throws the ball against the wall, while the others try to grab the ball to take over as thrower. if anyone drops the ball in an attempt to catch it, or if it hits your body in any way without you catching it, you have to run to the wall and say "suicide" before someone throws the ball at you and hits you really hard. if you make a bitch move attempt to deflect the ball so that the other players couldn't get to it before running to the wall, you are punished with "boomps", in which you have to stand against the wall, stick your ass out, and get hit with the ball by every player on the court. the number of boomps and the rules of boomps vary from place to place.
  • marching band

    1. my whole entire life.
    2. the class i live for.
    3. the after-school activity you actually enjoy.
    4. what you look forward to all year long, and you even love marching in the mud, the rain, and the blazing hot sun at band camp.
    5. it taught me to appreciate the dirty things in life.
    6. the late night bus rides where you play games, sing cheesy songs, and make out with your bus buddy (hey it's dark, and almost no one can see).
    7. getting naked in front of everyone and loving it.
    8. your real family, that you love and also want to do things with.
    9. it takes up all your free time and you love it.
    10. something to actually be proud of, since we work harder than the football team, probably win more awards, and we have more fun. plus, it's one of the only sports that has boys and girls. you can never go wrong with that.
    11. the feeling of belonging to something.
    12. the best thing on the planet!!!
  • MLIA

    Acronym for my life is average, the nerdier and more entertaining version of fuck my life.