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  • Juggalo

    A male prostitute.
  • Juggalette

    A female juggalo. icp fans. they dont just listen to icp and the phycopathic records, but they choose their own music and could give a fuck less about what ppl think about them. a juggalette doesnt have to be the hottest chick in the world. they r always themselves and arnt necessarily druggies. juggalos love them no matter what, and they always back up the family. and they dont necesseraly have to hate eminem just cuz icp had a fight with him.
  • icp

    A band called insane clown posse, or icp. they are a rap/metal hybrid that have created an occult-like religion. whos followers are refered to as juggalos/juggalettes.
  • Insane clown posse

    Insane clown posse (or as more people know them icp) is two homosexual butt clowns who "like" little kids. an example of their love of kids is their song "let's go all the way" wtf??? they sing that crap to kids??? and they dress like john w. gacy for god's sake! one of the worst parts about them is their fanbase, known as juggalos, who are bassically just a bunch of white suburban kids, wearing big clothes, their mommy's make-up and listen and worship the worst band in the history of anything. in short, icp sucks! :)
  • juggalos

    A large ball-sucker.
  • Samurai

    A elder juggalo that has been down sense day one
  • Biggot

    A juggalo/juggalette hater
  • Tweek

    An awesome juggalo who rights crazy music with his fellow juggalos
    xenophobia and piraznah not yet famous but almost there
  • W.I.C.K.E.D

    Wish i could kill every day
  • Beats

    A combonation of drums, bass and other instruments used in rap and/or hip hop.