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  • Zooted

    Zooted is a adverb explaining that someoene is high as hell!!!
  • high

    It's hard to describe but i'll try. when you first feel the high you will fell very warm. you'll probly want to sit down and will stare at random things for no reason. its hard to talk without laughing. when your high you can't tell if your in reality or a dream. you feel like you are watching yourself through a screen. you will remember things that seem random at the time.you are aware of the fact that your high. when you move your body parts you feel like your floating and every movement make an incredible feeling thats hard to describe. its feels like 10,000 ant crawling around your skin but it does'nt hurt. it feels good. so when im high i will walk around alot and make random movements. eating is amazing. for me, when i chew food its make a sensation that move from my jaw to my skull that feels amazing. when you listen to music, you can hear every instrument and not even listen. your attention will focus on many things as well as you could sober. ameteur smokers will cough alot and want to run cold water in there mouths. so bascilly just get some bud and smoke 2 joints in morning smoke to joints in the evening
  • crunk

    High off uppers esp. methamphetamine. the high right before 'tweaking' or getting 'cracked out'.
  • stoned

    When you're so high that you almost feel unable to move your muscles. everything feels weird and you kind of just sit back with your mouth agape staring off into space and enjoying it. contrary to popular belief, "stoned" and "high" are different in that, the word "stoned" originated from the idea that you feel like you're being weighed down by big heavy stones.
  • Faded

    To be high or stoned. often confused with being drunk and high but it's just stoned!
  • Baked

    You are so high that you can bearly walk, or you are so high that you pass out.
  • blazed

    To be high,gone,or relly stoned after lighting up!
  • high school musical

    A cheesy take on the american high school teen movie, the sort of thing that plays on american teenager stereotypes. also seems to be very pro status quo (in america) its pretty shameless at its message really ie "stick to the stus quo" (part of the soundtrack)
  • lean

    The effect after smoking weed
  • loaded

    As in stoned, high, drunk, juiced up, rat faced, shit faced rat arsed etc, but with drug ovetones