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  • gucci

    A term ghetto people use in stead of good.
  • good shit

    Cool kid, chill, good company, respectful
  • dank

  • goos

    Adj. extremely good.
  • breaks

    Style of well good music that consists of a catchy breakbeat deviating from the more conventional 4/4 with synths over the top. it is often downtempo and can be alot more interesting than regular techno and trance.

    good breaks artists existing are: hybrid, freestylers, plump djs, stanton warriors, rennie pilgrem, meat katie, tayo, christian j etc.
  • guides

    Abbreviation for guidette. an italian girl who dresses good, tans alot, loves to club, and lives for the summer and spending it down the shore. she parties alot and does so with her guidos.
  • better

    To use a good word as a manner of a bad one.. to emphasise a bad word to make it worse than what it actually is..
  • so-so

    Average. some good points, some bad points. overall just passes the time.
  • goodness

    The measure of how good something is
  • Playstation2

    The greatest system of all time, hands down. even coming a year before xbox it is still superior because it has good games with actual gameplay instead of graphics. and if you want a game with good graphics check out gran turismo 4 so you can stop complaining like a little bitch. those who have xbox try to recruit stupid morons into getting such a waist of money so they don't feel bad. for every good game xbox has playstion has about 200 good ones. those who are true gamers own a playstation or a nintendo. those who own an xbox are wannabe gamers and will never be a real one.