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  • broke back

    Gay. not cool, used to describe something you don't like or something homosexual.
  • no homo

    A phrase added to the end of a sentence used to redeem a particularly homosexual phrase.
  • bisexual

    A make believe sexual orientation in which a person claims to be attracted to both sexes. usually gay men who are afraid to come "all the way out" and seem to think being bisexual is more acceptable, or women, who participate in sexual relations with women to impress men and make up for a lack of self esteem caused by childhood sexual trauma.
  • fag

    A gay bitch, who sucks dick and takes it up the ass. a fag can usually be found in its natural habitat of the school bathroom where the fag sucks another's dick or penetrates the anus of the helpless victim. a fag may also receive a golden shower for pleasure, and may often lick or drink the excess urine after.
  • ghey

    A term used by people whom are 'gay' but dont want to admit it.
  • Homosexual

    While many seem to believe homosexuality is a disease in modern society, makes an individual less a human, or just an abomination to god, they are severely mistaken.

    always remember a homosexual is still human. they come complete with reproductive sexual organs, personality, hair, skin, nails, teeth, the basics, and they also come with a soul and are not possessed by the big bad satan, devil, or some evil spirit. they are normal.

    homosexuality is simply saying that this man likes other dick, and this woman likes other vagina. hence its a "sexual preference" meaning some people prefer things in a person that turn them on. some want a slim body, and a sense of humor, others get a hard on for strong arms, and short hair. "sexual preference", homosexuality is one side of it. there are the following sexual preference's :heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality. the first three are the most common.

    and no, its not a sin. that whole book of moses:leviticus text that states "a man shall not lye in the layings of another man the way he would a woman" is an imcomplete text so could mean that you can't have homosexual sex in a pagan temple, homosexual sex at all, anal sex, or simply homosexuals are not okay. so with the four possible meanings a sect of christianity usually takes the definition that best fits what they believe. unfortunately many just take the one that condems the "gays" to hell.

    so really there isn't anything wrong with these people because they are just people who happen not to be interested in the opposite sex. comprende? if your still a little lost please realize that nearly everyone in the u.s. today is bisexual with a gender preference (who's junk they want) declaring them either gay/lesbian or straight. only about twenty percent of the people in the u.s. are 100% gay or straight, the rest are to some degree bisexual. so with that said the gays have got us surrounded, and in case you haven't noticed, they have for a long ass time. and guess what? its normal. homosexuals fall in love too, they don't molest children, they aren't possessed by satan, or any of that negative bullshit, and, fuck without all the gay people out there where would i be?
  • gay

    Means to be happy, joyful, excited
  • gaydar

    Like radar on a car. only for gay men or lesbian women.
  • queer

    Gay, and loving it.
  • LGBT

    An acronym for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered. it it the standard and pc catch all term for the various sexual minorities, though it has many varieties.

    differing versions include the respective letters of asexuals, pansexuals, intersexed, questioning (and/or queer) and allies (straight people), among others.