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  • Undertale

    A pretty good rpg game with a great soundtrack and ok characters. the game also has an extremely cancerous fandom and idk why my name is undertalefag when i don't associate with that community.
  • Dance Dance Revolution

    A super sweet game that requires much coordination and balance. real ddrers don't follow the arrows exactly, looking like morons having seizures on their feet in the process. the best ddrers look like they're really dancing, all the while stomping on just enough correct arrows to keep from failing the song.
  • DDR

    A dancing coordination game that is based on japanese music. there are four stationary arrows and when a moving arrow comes on the screen and lines up with the stationary ones, you step on that part of the pad. this game is found in many arcades and is a good way to burn some unwated fat...i guess.
  • Halo 2

    1. a kickass game that inspired much contreversy (see. halo 2 for example), but which had a ridiculously crappy ending which my friends and i have been complaining about since nov. 9.

    2. the sequel to halo: combat evolved.

    3. x-box's 2005 heavy-weight.

    4. a game equal in greatness to half-life 2.

    5. the reason in never go outside.

    6. best. multiplayer. game. ever.
  • The Game

    The game is a game that takes over your entire life. it is played according to the following rules:

    1. whenever you think of the game, you have to tell everyone you're with that you thought of the game.

    2. if someone that you tell doesn't know what the game is, you have to explain the game to them.

    3. if there is no one around when you think of the game, you have to call the person who first told you about the game to tell them that you thought of the game.

    4. after someone says that they thought of the game, there is a 20-minute grace period for everyone to forget about the game before it can be brought up again.

    and that's it. annoy your friends!
  • Runescape


    a game made by jagex ltd. which is an mmorpg (massive, multi, online roll playing game) basically all you do is earn stats, money, and items. theres a free and p2p version. the p2p version is over 3x as big, 2x more quest, alot more monsters, and more skills. it is updated usually every monday.
  • game

    Means ghetto attitude manipulative environment. as told to my freind by a straight up pimp on an airplane... referring to someones skills with the hoes.
  • counter strike

    A modification of the original game "half-life" developed in late 1999. it grew steadily with time to what has become an internet gaming phenomenon which spawned a lot of professional gamers and clans. it reinforced the cpl, and it continues to do so. the game is set up of 2 sides. one a terrorist side and another a counter terrorist side. the object of the game is for each side to carry out their missions. it seems simple, but there are a lot of intricacies in the game which makes it the number one played fps in the world.
  • rpg

    Role-playing game, meaning you must have character development and some sort of storyline.
  • halO

    N. 1. game the best and most popular x-box game. made by bungie.
    2. religious object a glowing ring of light surrounding bible-era religious figures. 3. military a high altitude/low opening parachute jump, where a jumper exits the plane at around 30,000 feet and opens at around 1,000.