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  • Hilarious

    So funny it might make you cry.
  • joke

    Whats the difference betwwen light and hard?

    you can sleep with a light on
  • Humor

    A trait that someone can have. humor means very funny! usually people with humor love to laugh, and make others laugh as well! people with humor are great use for cheering up! if you have a friend with lots of humor, your very lucky!
  • a funny

    1) to make a joke or say something that is indeed funny.

    2) to take the piss if someone says something funny when they usually don't
  • silly

    A girl named grace.
  • Casey

    Casey-female-has brown hair with stunning bright blue eyes. usually puts others before herself and has an amazing personality and very easy to get along with. a great example for the "it" girl. truly an amazing, one of a kind person.
  • Jokes

    Can be used as a replacement for "just kidding" or as a replacement for "funny". usually used by suburban kids.
  • conan o'brien

    Absolutely, without a doubt, the funniest person who ever walked this earth. 2.) damn he's funny!!! way funnier than jay leno or any other host out there!!! 3.) 6'4, redhead, white, catholic, irish, extremely hot!!!
  • Rachel

    A fun loving girl that may come across shy at first, but opens up really easily and loves new people! shes cute, funny, smart, although she may come across a little dumb when you first meet her, very sassy, nut never meaning to be mean and somewhat clumsy. she is small, someone you can never stay mad at, and always happy. people love her company although at times she can get a little annoying, and she knows it too. she's one of the most stubborn people you will meet and sets high goals for herself, and is very determined to meet them. she's confident, sometimes too confident, and dreams big. she loves to laugh as well as make others laugh and you can never get bored with her. she prefers to be surrounded by people but not too many, cause shes kiiinndddaa claustrophobic. shes a girl youd love to have as a friend because she can always make you smile. she only trusts a very small group of people and it takes awhile to gain her trust. she has a short temper and sensetive feelings but forgives very easily. she has a great memory so although shell forgive she will never forget. you dont want to lose someone like rachel cause youll have trouble finding someone like her again.
  • Ethan

    Ethan is the most amazing guy you will ever meet. he is one of the sweetest and most caring people you will ever come across. he is very intelligent and kind, and it isn't hard to fall for him. you'll fall for him without even realizing it. he will be a massive impact in your life in a good way. he is someone you will never forget, and never want to lose. losing him would feel as if someone ripped out your heart then and there. he is perfect in everyway possible and doesn't fail to make you smile. he is beautiful. he has a stunning smile, like no other. his eyes are as radiant as the sun and you can get lost in them. he is gorgeous, cute, silly, adorable, and loves to cuddle. he doesn't mind a night in, or sitting through a romantic chick flick as long as he is with you. he is also very sport and loves baseball. he's a country guy so he doesn't mind getting dirty (; he likes to fish and go muddin'. he makes you laugh until you cry, he is hilarious. he is the type of guy that every girl dreams for. everyone will try to steal him but he'll love you no matter what. you'll worry about other ladies, even some men, stealing. hes just that big of a catch. he is strong willed on the inside and out. he is courageous and adventurous and is very trust worthy. he will make you feel like you are in a dream most of the time because of how perfect he is, you will never forget him. he has a beautiful soul and if you have an ethan don't let him go.