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  • Fun

    Literally anything.
  • boyfriend credit

    When a boyfriend or a husband does something nice for their girlfriend/wife, this gives them an opportunity to do something fun without fear of nagging.
  • Friday

    A day ruined by rebecca black
  • kicks

    To do something just for the pure sake of amusement and not fear the consequences of one's actions. to employ a hedonistic attitude when seeking enjoyment.
  • pre party nerves

    The butterflies and overwhelming feeling of nervousness and anxiety before a big party
  • Jone

    To make fun of, or bring down. jone, joned, joning, etc.
  • South Park

    The best show that is worth watching. it makes fun of the news and makes cnn look like shit. it is cool and kick ass.
  • hookers

  • hotdog holidays

    Any holiday when you go to someones house you will be offered a hotdog

    ie memorial day , 4 of july, labor day
  • take the mickey

    To make fun of someone or something, often to mock in a satirical way, or to attempt to fool someone in a manner of telling them an outrageous story.

    often used also to cast doubt on the truth of a statement.