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  • Fuck

    My understanding is the word is an acronym for "fornication under carnal knowledge:
  • FTW

    Fuck the willing ,
  • idgaf

    I dont give a fuck
  • Frick

    Alternative to "fuck". from the oppressive factory manager "henry clay frick" who was hated by his workers. frick was shot multiple times by the anarchist alexander berkman, then stabbed repeatedly until berkman was pulled off the mangled near-corpse of frick.
  • DILF

    1)acronym for "dad i'd like to fuck"
    2)a heterosexual female's version of a milf (see milf)
  • Mindfuck

    Never look this up on google images. by saying this i realize that it makes you want to do it more, see reverse phsycology. i'm not sure what it was that i looked up, but i saw an image that said,


    when you see it..."

    by the time i finished reading the captio- aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! man i shit bricks all day after that, those images are fucking horrifying!

    just make sure you have crapped and pissed before you look this up, because if you shit and piss at the same time in you pants, hahaha that would be fun to watch! plus you'd need some new underwear, shorts, a couch, carpet, and dignity. if i could hack this page to have a mindfuck image, i would, believe me. sadly though i can't even hack mario kart wii.
  • the fuck

    When showing so much confusion or disgust towards something, you miss out the 'what.'
  • Eff

    Eff: explitive loosely related to the word "fuck" but more directly related to the word(s) "shit", "damn", "crap", "holy pancakes batman" etc. was introduced to mainstream society as a club for underpriviledged teens and quickly became a worldwide slang for "dirty" words.
  • af

    Ass fucker

    Fuck off!