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  • FUPA

    Accroym that stands for fat upper pussy area. commonly seen when women wear tight pants and they have a bulge of fat above their pelvic region.
  • fatass

    Someone of fat nature with multiple chins and scrumptious love handles.
  • muffin top

    The fat hanging when you have tight jeans
  • skinny-fat

    A person (typically a girl) with a thin frame, who has a fat stomach / upper body. a skinny-fat person occurs as the result of bad genetics, poor eating/drinking habits, and complete avoidance of the gym.
  • obese

    Something that is fat, from latin "obesus" meaning: fat
  • BBW

    Acronym for "big beautiful women" but in all reality it's saying that obesity is supposed to be sexy when it's just disgusting
  • corpulent

    To put it in the vernacular: fat as fuck!
  • Curvy

    A word properly used to describe women with a waist to hip ratio of about 70%. that is to say, their waist should be about 70% as wide as their hips. this word has been misappropriated as a euphemism for fat women. their fat covers the difference between their waist and their hips so they have a ratio of 100%. since women generally have wide hips it's the relative narrowness of the waist that produces the appearance of curves. therefore, fat women are actually less curvy than skinny women.
  • Cankles

    There are two differing forms of the cankle

    1: where the ankle is large enough that it is unable to be distinquished from the calf.

    2: where the calf is slender enough that it is unable to be distinguished from the ankle.
  • fat chicks

    The definition of fat chicks stands for the meaning of being gay or retarded