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  • Craxy

    A typo made when trying to spell the word "crazy" that has developed into a well know variation of the word.

    much like pwn.
  • Cray Cray

    Another term for "crazy", coined to be used when describing a party and/or a person.
  • crunk

    Get crazy
  • Cray

    Nigger word short for crazy.
  • loco

    Plum crazy, out of your mind, wild beyond all control, having eaten of loco weed
  • crazy bitch

    A hyporcitcal two faced bitch, who goes around spreading lies and fooling herself and her "friends" into thinking certain people are bad.

    a girl who goes around betraying the people who care about her and tormenting the people who know her secrets.

    a girl who chokes herself ect.
  • B.B.C.

    Bitches be crazy!
  • Insane

    A person who thinks they're "perfect" and deserve extra points in classes for repeating what has just been said. these people tend to have big arrogant egos and do not know they are insane. most of the time their names are nick and adolf, but especially nick; always the male form, never feminine such as niki or adolfa. the reasons behind acquiring this disease is most-likely the act of being a stage manager. avoid insane people especially the ones named nick and adolf for they tend to spread lies about how "awesome" they are.
  • That's Crazy

    When something is shocking or are surprised at something someone said and you react and say "that's crazy!"
  • Psycho

    A crazy ass, supercilious fool, who will stab you with a rusty knife if she sees you holding ricky young's hand. regardless of the fact that they've been broken up for 6 months and she gave someone else head moments before.