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  • poop

    1. hideous logs of different shapes and sizes that can be brown, green, black, or even red if you try hard enough. it also smells.

    2. a popular spongebob acronym.

    3. a funny word
  • crud

    Subsitute for the word crap, or something described as crusty and nasty
  • Pop Music

    A tamed crappy genre which is destroying music (bring back punk). not only is the music manufactured but the pop star's life is manufactured, they marry someone, divorce them so they can write a bloody book about it! once a pop act has released one bloody album they get someone to write a biography (aka kiss there ass) about them and put the word unofficial on it so it'll look more cool, cool my arse. absorbed by the fucking public who dont know shit about actual music (rock music where the band writes there own songs). basically the apocolypse of music until another sex pistols turns up and fixes it.
  • Caca

    1. a spanish word used to describe crap.
    2. also used by hispanics when a word does not come to mind.
  • take a dump

    (variants: crap, squat, poop, or shit may replace dump)

    to defecate
  • Recrap

    A recap of crappy things.
  • coprophilia

    An obsessive interest in feces.
  • shite

    Tha wasa loada shite, "rubbish" "crap" "no good" some parts of england especially the more "north", also in the "black country" the "west midlands", "austrailia" they say shiuyte,
  • shit

    The most versitile word in the english language
  • food press

    Another word for taking a dump