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  • kewl

    The coolest spelling of the word "cool." a great way to annoy those who are easily annoyed.
  • coolio

    Something datz even cooler dan cool!
  • dank

    A hipper way of saying "epic". epic is overused and not as cool.
  • fetch

    Despite others saying that it originated from the teen movie mean girls, the word 'fetch' is actually a shortened version of the word fetching, which was used alot in england. then the word cool was dicovered!
  • Kool

    When someone uses the word 'cool' sarcastically to describe someone trying to act tough.
  • Shibby

    Shibby is a word used to describe all of the wondrfulness of this pathetic little world. you may use it in a sentence when describing utter happiness or delight. some may use it instead of saying 'awesome' or 'cool'. its a word full of wisdomosity and perfection.
  • Rad

    A word that can be replaced with cool or awesome. generally meaning that something is good.
  • cool beans

    Hee hee hee. :d...:(. "cool beans" is an expression meaning something is cool, awesome, or tight (not tight like very small, but cool). it's also what my really really mean science teacher in 6th used to say when everything was ready to roll (another expression meaning everything was done and you could get started). everyone in the class was just bewildered/wanted to laugh when she said it.
  • Awesome

    Although it's now used as another word for cool, it literally means something that strucks awe. something so amazing, one is in awe seeing it. but like i said, nowadays it's used just like cool.
  • Coolios

    Coolios is the most awesome way of saying cool. it usual implies a bouncier happier personality and can be used to brighten an otherwise bland statement.