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  • rice burner

    A car with no real threat potential that is usually mismatched with the wrong equipment and poorly set suspension with a canted wheel disposition. despite the farting noise put out by the mufflers, the misfiring ngks and 5 ton music system which pretty much puts the car back to square one in terms of weight if not heavier than when it was stock, the drive has a statistically better chance of generating more hp and kilojoules from wanking his crank at bedtime. identifying characteristics: due to an obnoxiously large and high set aluminum wing, it is commonly mistaken for a shopping cart at your local safeway or piggly wiggly.
  • rice

    A good food (1 billion chinese can't be wrong!)

    an eco-freindly car with $10,000-$80,000 worth of upgrades that do nothing but make the car heavier, or look "better". driven by rice burners. usually covered in bright colors like yellow. for a lot of rice, the amount of money spent on the car is equal, or more than, the amount of a new corvette which would run faster anyway.
  • volkswagen

    One of the best car companies of all time. starting with the beetle, they continually fired out proven winners with the scirocco, vanagon, karman ghia and later with the golf/gti and jetta. time and time again, they've continued to find success with both younger and older generations, instilling a sense of family and comradrie in the drivers, similar to that found in jeep owners. most volkswagen owners who take their cars seriously gain valuable insight into the world of german engineering, tweaking the lines of their cars to both increase their overall performance and retain an impressive and distinct style at the same time.
  • ricer

    The process of taking an import car such as a honda civic, putting a fart pipe on it, spoilers and some stickers. then you drive it around town flooring it out the corners, vainly beleiving people think you're cool and have driving skills.
  • Car

    The proper name of a person who thinks their name is karilyn.
  • benz

    A car that can kick any bmws ass! the high end models have more horsepower, more tork(how it should be spelled), bigger, and better looking. also liked better by rappers rockstars and ordinary people.
  • Whip

    Currently the most overly used word to describe ones car regardless of the cars make or model. it's most commonly used in "ricer" rags or on mtv cribs by soon-to-be bankrupt rappers that no one besides mtv has heard of. not to be confused with "rides" which is another trendy word for cars, which makes more sense, but still should not be used by anyone with an iq higher than 20.
  • mustang

    1) car that attracts admiring stares and comments from men, especially when being driven by a young female.
    2) classic ford sports car
    3) an american icon
  • domestic

    An american made car mostly sport cars with huge engines in them, refered by import drivers, some think domestics are faster but imports sell faster and are more reliable and much better handling
  • Suicide doors

    Suicide doors refer to car doors that open in the opposite of the regular direction - hinges are at the back and the front of the door opens. many cars before wwii had those and now it is a popular conversion on tuned trucks. suicide doors are considered far more dangerous than normal doors because of the possiblity of opening during movement.