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    You did or are doing somethin stupid,childish or un called for......
  • Biatch

    A variant of the word bitch which is mostly used by people who are really retarded
  • bitch nigga

    A man who, instead of behaving in a manly way, such as standing up for his actions or staying out of other people's buisness, behaves the way a woman, or bitch would, participating in gossip and talking behind other people's backs, with the ultimate goal of causing drama, like a woman (bitch) would.
  • bitch face

    A person who has a face that looks like a bitch, or a girl who is really ugly.
  • bi-otch

    A bitch/friend that is bi
  • Beezy

    A beezy is a girl being referred to as a bitch, that's easy.
  • Bitch made

    Adds sverity to a phrase, also means that you cannot read very well
  • Basic bitch

    Boring. wears leggings as pants and uggs with shorts.

    likes/has any items or clothes that have anchors, infinite symbols or dream catchers.

    drinks starbucks.

    posts too many selfies.

    posts pictures of her feet while in the tub.

    straightens hair when she already has straight hair.

    rue 21
  • Puta

    Bitch, punk, an asshole
  • female dog

    It means bitch