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  • Sublime

    The greatest band that comes from the lbc. consisted of 4 members, bradley (deceased :-(), bud, eric and lou dog (deceased :-( )
  • Disturbed

    One of the best nu-metal band, but cant compare to real metal such as iron maiden and metallica
  • Slipknot

    Nu-metal band of the 90s - 00s. sometiomes mistaken for black metal or other genres, usually by critics. all the fans know its nu-metal. they have 3 albums, another on its way. 9 members.
  • Good Charlotte

    A faggy, annoying band that 12 year old posers tend to be obsessed with. they suck at everything they play, sound like shit, and probably have circle jerks with eachother. they team up with simple plan to be the worst excuse for punk bands in the history of music. they in fact did sell out. just because the lyric books says "we'ld like to thank the fans" does not mean they actually give two shits about you.. sorry.. but they're fucking horrible, poser, pop (not punk), loser band that should be terminated for all airwaves.
  • System of a Down

    Why is system of a down such a good band? let me count the ways...

    1.) all of their band members are awesome at what they do. daron is renowned for his creativity with the guitar, shavo is a great bassist who is very entertaining to watch, john is as fast and talented a drummer as anyone out there you can name, and serj speaks for himself, with one of the coolest voices in metal music.

    2.) soad doesn't rely on corny "extras" that nu-metal is known for, like turn tables, goofy sound effects and bad attempts at rapping. their success is owed solely to their talent.

    3.) they're not angsty like most nu-metal bands, and they don't whine about how depressed they are or how they feel like they're going insane... if you want that bs, listen to slipknot and linkin park. the subject matter of system's music is abstract and spans many topics and issues.

    4.) they have a sense of humor and innovation. some of their songs are simply weird and funny. they're definately not afraid to do something different, and it works for them.
  • The Beatles

    A band from liverpool, england in the 60's who were extremely infuential to modern music and "rock and roll."

    with hits such as hey jude, yesterday, day tripper, come together, yellow submarine, blackbird, sergeant pepper's lonley hearts club band, and countless others, they are idolized and covered more than any other band in history.

    paul, john, ringo & george - we love you!
  • Led Zeppelin

    A very good band.. but also a very overrated band.. if you say you like led zeppelin but all you can say is yeeey stairway to heaven and rock and roll and kashmir i luvvv them omgo mogm ogm omg ... you are wrong ... im not saying those songs are bad .. im just saying that you are not a true led zep fan.. and you need to listen to songs like celebration day, out on the tiles, and gallows pole and things like that .. tahts the real led ... and they did not spawn heavy metal... heavy metal... is gay .. and sad... bye
  • u2

    Stupid band with a dumb ass singer named bono (you don't want to know where it came from) and his guitarist is ugly while wearing a beanie and is still called by his childhood nickname; edge. u2 are so full of themselves and think their musc is the greatest thing ever
  • Misfits

    An awesome horror-punk band from the late 70's through the 80's.

    they should be judges as three bands,
    a) misfits with danzig. the original misfits with your classic raw edge to them (in my personal opinion the better).

    b) misfits with graves. reformed in the 90's. they have a more polished and rock sound to it. a decent band, but they're no misfits.


    c) project 1950. jerry only, marky ramone, and ... ... ... the guitarist from black flag who's name escapes me and i'm too lazy to look it up. this came around in the late late 90's to early 00's. from what i've heard by them, which is not much, they have the punk sound back to them, but with jerry only on vocals, it's some how not the same. a really good band, but still, not the original misfits.
  • Thursday

    A completely original, kick-ass band. it's name was created from the idea that the day thursday is the transition between the work week and the weekend.
    not exactly emo, having evolved substantially since full collapse, it's really "screamo" album, it's genre is probably post-hardcore.
    they have 4 albums avalable, 3 cds, waiting, full collapse, and war all the time, and 1 ep, five stories falling.