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  • badboy

    A naughty lil hottie who is into badass things...girls, guns, fast cars. he hisses like a cobra and has a snake in his pants waitin to spit. he makes ya wanna suck the venom rite out. if ya lucky, he bites.
  • Bad

    1. opposite of good 2. opposite of bad 3. taking responsibility for something bad 4. posesing the qualities of badness.
  • Bad Bitch

  • inappropriate

    The word that used to actually mean something, but doesn't mean anything anymore.
  • bad kid

    Anyone who is bad or does something wrong. someone who is constantly doing something bad.
  • horrid

    Something that either looks, feels or acts terrible.
  • bad asses

    Liltle distructive children.
  • Ghost cake

    A bad thing that is burned into your brain, you cannot unsee it
  • wretched

    Adj. can be both bad or good, depending on the context
  • Mates

    1. sometimes used in england and australia as a synonym for "friend".

    2. a movie my friend who i will call l and her sister who i will call a made and it was really bad but funny to watch because we played like every character and we tried to feed a to a vicious chipmunk and it was very mental but fun.