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  • Awesomeness

    Awesomness is something or someone that is something likable.
  • awesomesauce

    What chuck norris puts in his wheaties
  • dank

    Something which is soo awesome that it cannot be described in any other words. awesome and fantastic just don't cut it anymore...
  • awesomest

    To be more awesome then awesome itself.
  • sick-nasty

    Something thats awesome!!!!!!....and i'm talking awesome beyond ordinary awesome...like something that is just sooo crazy and insane, that it's unbelievably awesome
  • Wicked

    Awesome. simply amzing. a way to explain how something was or is.commonly used in maine,usa.used with simple term with it: 'good''cold'.
  • bitchin

    To be totally awesome
    commonly used among 80's skaters
    however, bitchin is making a comeback
  • awes

    A shortened version of the word awesome, but has many uses other than something just being awesome...can be used very sarcastically, could just mean something is funny, or dumb as hell
  • Kick Ass

    The best movie ever made.
  • Awsome

    Third place in the special spelling bee.