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  • booty

    An extremely nice or attractive rump.
  • arse

    Means ass though nicer and prettier. is used in england,australia and new zealand. americans should not use this term, they sound very very very stupid. i am american, i do not say arse, because then i would sound stupid.
  • Ass face

    When a person's face looks like a fucking ass
  • asshat

    The inability to process mental reasoning or common sense. thus wearing your ass as a -10 intelligence hat.

    see also forseer, imalilteepot
  • blessed from behind

    Your ass is huge.
  • bitchassness

    You are doing something relating to being a bitch

    a shady move or not buy danity kane or day 26 album-diddy
  • swamp ass

    A very sweaty smelly ass
  • ghetto booty

    An ass which juts conspicuously from the body.
    not necessarily in proportion with the rest of the individual.

    it has often been espoused that a "proper" ghetto booty is one which a 40oz. bottle of malt liquor can be set upon.
  • Ass crack

    The thing you yell when nothing else comes to mind. one of those times when you're so mad that you say something extremely irrelevant and that doesn't even make sense, when you could have just as easily said ass hole.
  • Ass

    The buttocks, one of the most adored parts of the female body. considered by many men to be better than boobs