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  • Jenna

    So cool, has tons of friends, likes the wrong guys, loves to go shopping, smart and knows pretty much everyone!!
    everybody always has a great time with her and she loves every1 and is loved by everyone!!
    jenna is the perfect girlfriend for everyone!
  • Joshua

    One of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. sweet, funny and spontaneous, he'll sweep you off your feet. obviously been put in the 'friend zone' too many times, all he wants is the love he's never gotten. a passion for music. while he does sometimes talk about sex, it's not all that's on his mind. knows exactly the right words to say to someone to cheer them up. a great friend. caring, and romantic, with a great sense of humor. has crazy beautiful eyes and an amazing smile. loves dana and totally wants to nail her ;)
  • Tyler

    Tylers are hard to put in words. they posse many great characteristics. some of those characteristics include being a very loving person, a great sense of humor,amazing personality, great looks, and talented. tyler is the name of someone that has great talent whether it be in sports, music, or the fine arts. overall, everyone wants a tyler in their life or to be a tyler.
  • Nick

    A guy with the biggest heart of any person ive ever seen. hes cute and funny and knows how to say and do everything perfect. he can make my life amazing. his smile can turn a really bad day instantly better. and also great kisser, and i love him:)
  • derek

    The most amazing guy ever. i like him sooo much and hes all mine! he pinky swears to never hurt me and that makes me fell like im special. when im with him i feel like the prettiest girl in the world,
  • amazin

    Slang for amazing.....
  • Julia

    Julia is one of the nicest, most amazing people you will ever meet. julia is smart, funny and beautiful. julia can do whatever she puts her mind to and she is not a quitter, she does not give up easily on anything or anyone. julia is an amazing friend and she will always be there for you. julia is a great listener and you can always trust her with anything and have complete faith that whatever you told her will stay in confidence. julia is an amazing artist and loves to read. she will succeed in life, because she succeeds in everything she does. julia is completely down to earth and sweet and kind. she is the best friend anybody could ever wish for!
  • Ethan

    Ethan is a manly name given to only perfect men. his love is amazing and true...so if you are lucky enough to have one...don't let him go. when you look at his face you will first notice his nice kind eyes as well as his huge, adorable dimples. all kind of people like him and enjoy being around him. along with his appearences he is also very athletic and is best at soccer as well as basketball. if you know an ethan you should become his friend immediatley because you will love him.
  • perfect

    1. an unattainable state that would describe someone who is without any flaws or imperfections.

    2. what a boy may call a girl to get her in bed
  • Ashley

    Okayy ashley's the kinda girl you just don't wanna fuck with! she will not put up with your shit, she's amazing, and funny. the kinda person everyone would wanna get to know. shes shy at first but whose not? accept ashley likes to dance like a slut but hey shes just expressing herself. you'd be a lucky guy to ever get a chance with her. and if you act like a friggin crazy psycho then heyy your loss. shes an amazing friend and cousin to everyone she knows. don't know her? your loss! :d

    shes obsessed with rap. ;p